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Zoomlion debut ZRT851 rough terrain

20210903 zoomlion zrt851 debut

In order to further expand the market and explore the overseas markets, Zoomlion has launched a new off-road rough terrain crane ZRT851.

The rough terrain crane combines the advantages of a truck crane and an all-terrain crane. It can both hoist and travel with loads and is suitable for lifting and hoisting operations in various complex construction scenarios. 

Compared with truck cranes, it has greater traction, stronger off-road capability, and a wider operating environment. Due to the ability to operate in extreme cold, high temperature, desert and other extreme environments, rough terrain cranes were first popular in North America.

Japan was once the largest market for rough terrain cranes. Today, it is popular overseas and has a huge market.

It is understood that since its launch in 2018, Zoomlion’s ZRT850 rough terrain crane has become the star product of its rough terrain crane brand and has achieved impressive sales in overseas markets. The ZRT851 rough terrain crane is an economical rough terrain crane developed on the basis of the ZRT850, which can meet the demand for higher cost performance in overseas markets.

The newly-launched ZRT851 rough terrain tyre crane is based on the needs of overseas customers in different regions and carries out “localized” research and development and improvement of the product. 

It is understood that the ZRT851 adopts a 5-section U-shaped 47-meter main boom and two 16-meter jibs, and its comprehensive lifting performance is much higher than competing products. At the same time, in order to meet the extremely high demand for cost performance in local areas, the products adopt domestic Dongfeng Cummins engines, Xuzhou Meritor and Wuxi DANA dual supporting axles, and Zoomlion intelligent torque limiters to realize the localization of key components.

The ZRT851 rough terrain crane, as the first domestically produced with key components, breaks the status quo of the traditional rough terrain crane accessories relying on imports and realizes the transformation of the rough terrain crane from high prices to economical ones.

In addition, the Zoomlion torque limiter used in the ZRT851 rough terrain crane combines the display screen and the monitoring system screen into one, simplifies the operation interface, and fully demonstrates the innovative power of Zoomlion’s independent research and development. 

The new layout of the boarding platform further improves the maintenance convenience of the product. In general, the ZRT851 rough terrain crane is a high-performance, cost-effective, and convenient “three highs” product.

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