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Demag PC 3800-1 Pedestral Crane (650 tonnes)

Demag has launched a new pedestal version of its 650 tonnes Demag CC 3800-1 crawler crane in July 2017 – Demag PC 3800-1. It is designed to provide access to job sites previously not accessible by standard crawler models.

Terex has introduced the new Demag pedestal crane to reduce preparation time and allows contractors to gain accessibility to job sites unreachable by standard crawler cranes.

Unlike a crawler crane, the new PC 3800-1 only requires four spots to prepared for the outrigger support. In addition, it need not be leveled perfectly as the outriggers cylinders can compensate up to 2.1° with a 12 x 12 m outrigger base. Furthermore, existing pile foundations at job sites can be used as outrigger support for the 650-tonnes pedestal crane

Furthermore, existing pile foundations at job sites can be used as outrigger support for the 650-tonnes pedestal crane to provide sufficient stability. This means the setting up of the crane is extremely beneficial for job sites where ground layout and structure have already existed, for example, harbor quays and refineries.

One of the features would be it’s hydraulic extendable and foldable outriggers. It can be positioned at 12 x 12m, 14 x 14m with all configuration including Superlift or 16 x 16 m without Superlift. These configurations will be able to provide additional possibilities for long reach lifts whereby a conventional crawler crane are limited to.

Less Counterweight for More

The PC 3800-1 also provides increased lifting performance in several configurations or requires less counterweight for the same or slightly higher lifting capacities. With a fewer truck for the counterweights, owners can benefit more from the savings from the transportation costs.

Ease of Transportation

For additional versatility, Demag has developed an adapter to connect the upper structure (center pot) of the crane to modular trailers. While modular trailers are commonly found on job sites like bridge sections lifting or wind turbine assemblies, the transportation of the crane can leverage the use of these trailers for relocated while partially rigged.

Depending on countries’ road regulations, the Demag PC 3800-1 can be adapted to match a 12 t load per axle or to achieve a gross vehicle weight below 100 tonnes.

Different Purchase Options

The PC 3800-1 can be purchased as a complete crane or just the carrier only as a retrofit option for the Demag CC 3800-1 and its predecessor, Superlift 3800. The quick connection system provides better efficiency in switching between the crawler and pedestal carrier on the Demag CC 3800-1 crane. It is still can be equipped with or without Superlift, wind turbine combinations, as well as Demag latest’s boom booster kits.

Other optional accessories for the PC 3800-1 include a quick connection to un-deck the superstructure from the chassis and onto different sizes of outrigger mats.

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