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Demag CC 12600

The Terex-Demag CC 12600 is a formidable crawler crane that stands out in its class with a maximum lifting capacity of 1600 tons at a 12-meter radius. This crane is supported by a robust undercarriage featuring a pair of caterpillar tracks, which are essential for providing the necessary stability and mobility for heavy lifting tasks. The versatility of the CC 12600 is evident in its adjustable configuration, which allows for changes in boom length, backmast, and counterweight to meet specific requirements and enhance its lifting capacity. (The upgraded version is CC 12800)

In terms of technical specifications, the crane boasts impressive numbers. It is designed with a maximum standard boom length that reaches up to 114 meters and can be retracted to a minimum of 54 meters. It retains a strong carrying capacity of 201 tons even at its maximum reach of 102 meters, showcasing its remarkable reach and power.

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Product Description

For movement and setup, the CC 12600 offers a maximum slewing speed of 0.45 rpm, complemented by a maximum line speed of 69 m/min and a maximum line pull of 545 kN, ensuring that operations are both swift and controlled. The physical dimensions also speak to its substantial size, with a total length of 22 meters and a tail swing of 15.5 meters. The crawler track spans a length of 16.8 meters and has a width of 14.6 meters.

The crane’s superstructure is powered by two Mercedes Benz OM 442 LA engines, each providing 810 kW or 1100 horsepower, supporting the crane’s heavy lifting capabilities with robust power. Additionally, it comes with a comprehensive counterweight system that includes a derrick mast of 48 meters and allows for a maximum counterweight of 470 tons, as well as a derrick counterweight carrier of 1500 tons.



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