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Hitachi Sumitomo SCX3500

The Hitachi Sumitomo SCX3500 is a formidable 350-ton crawler crane, engineered for heavy lifting with an extensive boom reach. Its powerful Mitsubishi engine and sophisticated safety systems make it reliable for complex lifting tasks across various industries. Its design streamlines transport and assembly, ensuring efficiency on-site.

Hitachi Sumitomo SCX3500 Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The Hitachi Sumitomo SCX3500 is a robust 350-ton crawler crane that offers a formidable combination of power and precision for heavy lifting operations. It features an 18-meter basic boom, extendable up to a substantial 96 meters, allowing for a broad range of configurations and lifting tasks. The crane also includes a luffing jib that further extends its reach from 24 to 60 meters. It is powered by an 8DC9T-CERT Mitsubishi engine, delivering 302 kW, ensuring efficient operation under various load conditions.

The SCX3500 is equipped with advanced features to enhance safety and operability, including a Load Moment Indicator (LMI) and Anti-Two Block (ATB) system to prevent overloading and ensure secure hoisting operations. Additionally, its design emphasizes ease of transport and assembly, with components designed to meet global transport standards and a sophisticated track system that simplifies setup. This crane is engineered to handle demanding tasks such as constructing infrastructure, erecting wind turbines, and lifting heavy materials in industrial settings.


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