Kobelco 7200

While North American market-leader Manitowoc Cranes launched Manitowoc 888 crawler in 1995, Japan-based manufacturer Kobelco has countered the move with the launch of Kobelco 7200, a 200-tonne crawler. Europe was fast becoming the battleground for both Manitowoc Cranes and Kobelco, both trying to capture the growing market. Manitowoc 888 crawler was the biggest selling 200-tonne capacity crane in the western world then, but Kobelco 7200 crawler does have its impact in the battle. The equivalent model for Kobelco 7200 crawler in the North American market has been named as Kobelco CK2000.

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Product Description

Successful Sales of Kobelco 7200 Crawler

Within four months of completion of the design, 11 units of the 7200 have been built and sold worldwide, including seven in Europe, making it the most popular 200t crawler crane in Europe this year. Baldwins Industrial Services (The company went bankrupted and started anew name Baldwins Crane & Equipment Corp)in the UK has taken six units and one has gone to Van Oorschot Cranes in the Netherlands. Outside Europe, three 7200s crawler are working in Japan, and one is in Hong Kong with Gammon Construction.

Boom Configuration

Weighing about 200t, and fitted with a heavy-lift boom which can be extended from 15.2m to 64m – in 3m, 6m and 9m sections – the 7200 has a maximum lifting capacity of 200t at a 4.5m radius. Two alternative light-boom configurations are available, up to 88.4m long or to 76.3m with a jib extension of 30.5m giving a maximum lift height of 100m.

Mitsubishi Engine

Kobelco 7200 crawler crane is powered by a 12 litre, six-cylinder Mitsubishi turbocharged diesel, developing 220kW – 26kW less than the Manitowoc 888 crawler. This engine drives a multiple pump system with four variable-displacement piston pumps for all main crane and propulsion circuits, plus two supplementary gear pumps for control systems and auxiliary circuits.

Ease of Transportation

Two fundamental aspects of the Kobelco 7200 crawler’s design were to create a structure to give class-beating lifting performance together with easy transport and set-up. Its new mainframe and undercarriage design concentrate the centre of gravity extremely low down and also enables each of the major assemblies to be dismantled into units weighing no more than 35t, and of a size which fits easily into standard containers. With its self-jacking undercarriage and hydraulically actuated pins for main boom and crawler-frame, the machine can be set up in three hours by a team of four people. Another feature which greatly assists setting up is the swing-away cab which by the simple removal of two pins, enables the cab to be swung forward on its centrally mounted arm, reducing the overall width of the upper structure from 3.76m to 3.2m. There is no need to disconnect any cab controls or instrumentation for this operation. This kind of self-assembly is a technology pioneered by Manitowoc.


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