Manitowoc 888

Launched in 1995 at the Bauma trade show in Munich, Germany, the Manitowoc 888 crawler has proved to be Manitowoc’s fastest-selling crane, reaching the 200th shipment more quickly than the manufacturer’s previous best – the Manitowoc 4100W crawler. The Manitowoc 888 crawler was the biggest selling 200t-capacity crane in the western world at that time, challenged by Kobelco CK2000 crawler (Japan domestic model Kobelco 7200).

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Product Description


Brief History

When launched in 1995, the Manitowoc 888 crawler was a new generation, modern machine so there is little difference between transmissions and drives, says John Sheppard-Jones, managing director of Manitowoc Europe. “We see the main advantage of the Manitowoc is the build quality and the number of proven machines in the market, resulting in high resale value. The Manitowoc 888 crawler also has various boom combinations and attachments as well as interchangeability with other Manitowoc models.” Of the 200 model 888s that have been sold, only 10% have found their way into Europe.

Two Versions of Manitowoc 888

Manitowoc has two versions of the 888. The Series-1 model weighs in at 154t and has a shorter maximum boom length of 79.2m. Maximum lift capacity is 196.8t at 4.6m. The Series-2 model weighs 190t, has a similar maximum boom length of 88.4m, and can lift 208.6t at the same 4.6m radius. Maximum boom and fixed jib lengths are 64m + 24.4m and 76.2m + 24.4m respectively.


With its maximum boom, luffing jib and fixed jib the Series-2 machine has a 131.1m maximum reach. One advantage of the Manitowoc 888’s 22E and 22EL boom is that it can use inserts from the No.22 boom used worldwide on the Manitowoc 4100W and 4000W crawler.

For example, fitted with a 21.3m boom, the Manitowoc 888 can lift 174.9t at 5.5m radius, compared to Kobelco 7200’s 162t. With 76.2m of boom and working at 15m radius, the 888 can lift 38.9t against the Kobelco 7200’s 26.5t – nearly 50% more.

At medium radii for each boom length, performance is similar. However as the load moves away, it is the Kobelco that gains the upper hand. Again comparing the 21.3m boom length, the Kobelco 7200 crawler can lift 46t at 18m, while the Manitowoc 888 crawler can manage just 41.9t. This performance gain by the Kobelco increases so that when using 76.2m of the boom at 58m radius, the Kobelco can lift 6.2t against the Manitowoc 888’s 2.4t – 258% more.

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Ringer Options

Manitowoc has many capacities for enhancing attachments. When fitted with a Ringer (invented and patented by Manitowoc) the Manitowoc 888 crawler has a maximum capacity of 600t and has a maximum boom length of 130m.

Engine & Mechanisms

At the heart of the Manitowoc 888 is a 246kW Cummins M11 diesel. Closed-loop hydraulic power transmission allows each function to be operated independently at variable speed. The hydraulic system has six pumps – one for each hoisting drum, one for the boom hoist, one for swing and one for each crawler. From an operator’s viewpoint, the rubber cushion mounted cab is a fully enclosed module with acoustic insulation. Modulating electronic-over-hydraulic controls provide infinite speed response directly proportional to control lever movement. Controls include Manitowoc’s EPIC system, with microprocessor-driven control logic, pump control, on-board diagnostics and service information.