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Kobelco SL4500J-2

The SL4500J-2 is a formidable addition to Kobelco’s lineup of crawler cranes, known for its substantial lifting capacity and versatile boom configurations. Designed to serve in various construction contexts and large-scale infrastructure projects, the SL4500J-2 is equipped to handle a range of challenging tasks.

Kobelco SL4500J-2 Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Key Features:

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: The crane can lift up to 350 tons at a 6.0-meter radius, making it suitable for heavyweight lifting.
  • Main Boom: With a maximum lift of 350 tons at a 6.0-meter radius and up to 180 tons at a 10.0-meter radius, the main boom presents considerable strength for a variety of tasks.
  • Long Boom: The long boom version increases reach, boasting a maximum lifting capacity of 90 tons at a 14.0-meter radius and an impressive maximum length of 96 meters.
  • Luffing Jib Configuration: The luffing jib further enhances the crane’s reach and lifting capabilities, with a max lift of 80 tons at a 16.0-meter radius and a combined maximum boom and jib length of 60 meters plus 60 meters.
  • Heavy Boom Option: When equipped with the heavy boom, the SL4500J-2 excels in lifting even more substantial loads.

The SL4500J-2 combines robust performance with Kobelco’s technological expertise, ensuring reliable operation and efficiency across various construction environments.



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