Sany SCC8260

Sany Group has unveiled the SCC8260, 260-tonne crawler crane at  in Las Vegas. These cranes are specially targeted for the North American market. The cranes are tailored to meet the emission and transportation regulations requirements of the high-end markets.


  • Max. lifting capacity 260t – 573,201 lb
  • Max. lifting moment 1,470.4 tm – 10,365 lbf-kips
  • Tier 4 final Cummins diesel engine, rated at 450 HP
  • Global transportation capacity
  • Ease of Assembly / Disassembly

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

Boom Configuration

It can be equipped with a main boom up to 92 meters and together with a fixed jib on a 62m + 42m configuration, it can reach a height of 104m. Similarly to most of the 250-tonne class crawler crane, it also has a luffing jib configuration of 62m + 63m reaching a tip height of 125m.

Global Transportation Capacity

The maximum single component transportation weight: 45t – 99,208lb, transportation width 3m – 9.8ft and transportation height within 3.2m – 10.5ft. This meets global on-road transportation regulations, saving transportation costs for customers.

Ease of Assembly / Disassembly

Hydraulic cylinders used for the live mast, self-erection, car body jacks, crawler frame pins, counterweight lifting, etc. The design of multiple self-assembly cylinders, one-key erection of boom hoist mast and quick-coupling rope lugs makes (dis)assembly of the machine more convenient. The reeving winch with clutch makes rope reeving easier.

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