Sennebogen 5500G

Whether for lifting work, the assembly of large components or for logistics tasks: The SENNEBOGEN 5500G is used in a wide range of applications. The robust Star-Lifter crawler undercarriage gives the crawler crane a secure footing and can move comfortably even under load. Depending on customer requirements, the machine is available in two versions with a maximum load of 180 t or 200 t.

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As a crawler crane for structural engineering and rental, the Sennebogen 5500 has proved itself in applications around the globe for many years. The machines are used in a variety of tasks, from lifting work to assembling large building elements, or for logistics tasks. This demands flexibility, high lifting capacities, and powerful winches and drives for efficient operation. With more than 67 years of experience in design and development, Sennebogen has just comprehensively revised its 180 t crawler crane, the Sennebogen 5500, to meet tier 5 emission standards. These modifications to working load and engine generation, as well as the new Maxcab cab, are the start of the G series launch.

Safe Lifting Work Up & Easy Transport

The new 5500 crawler crane comes with a powerful 283 kW tier 5 diesel engine that reliably drives the two 160 kN winches. Thanks to its robust Star Lifter crawler undercarriage, the machine is not only stable, it can even be conveniently driven under load. Depending on the boom configuration, the working load values can be increased by between 15 and 50 percent, thanks to the newly developed and strengthened boom construction and the increased ballast. The new 5500 G, therefore, offers all customers an even wider range of applications.

A modular boom design permits numerous equipment variants with lengths up to 104 m including luffing jib. The crawler tracks can be easily removed for transport, after which the base machine, at just 3.0 m wide, can be easily transported. All further components are designed so that they can be stowed in containers or tarpaulin-covered trucks in a space-saving way.  Thanks to the innovative Sennebogen self-assembly system, the crawler crane is assembled in a few steps – long set-up and assembly times are a thing of the past.

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