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Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a telescopic crawler crane “TK550G (maximum lifting capacity 55 tons)” for the domestic market in June 2018.

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Predecessor/Successor Models

Product Description

The model developed this time is a new model of the TK series that combines the stability and lifting ability unique to crawlers with the workability of a telescopic boom that expands and contracts all stages of the cylinder. It will be.

While maintaining the sturdy structure inherited from the conventional machine (TK550), the crane has refined a compact body with excellent transportability, ease of assembly, and mobility in narrow spaces that enables quick work. In addition, it is newly equipped with a wet winch suitable for foundation work and an engine that conforms to the 2014 exhaust gas standards.

This model has achieved a transportation width of 2.99m and complies with the latest transportation regulations. On the assembly side, a new crawler self-removing device (option) has been set, making it possible to efficiently perform assembly and disassembly work with a smaller number of people. In addition, the counterweight self-removing device (option) has the same operation method as the higher-end model (TK750G / GFS). The telescopic boom does not require assembly or disassembly as before.

In addition, the compact body means that can be used in urban civil engineering work. The rear end turning radius is 3.7m (0.1m shorter than the conventional model), and the body width when the crawler is reduced is 2.99m * 1.

In recent years, the needs for crawler cranes, such as consideration for the environment and safety, improvement of operating rate, and energy-saving, are increasing with the times. Kobelco Construction Machinery will strive to further strengthen the lineup of crawler cranes and further enhance customer support in order to meet the needs of these customers and will meet the expectations of our customers.

Main features of “TK550G”

1) Sturdy structure that can withstand foundation civil engineering

  • The material, structure, and welding have been optimized, and the high-rigidity 4-plate structure boom that has been forged for foundation work continues to be adopted, achieving weight reduction and durability.

2) Compact layout

  • The rear end is made compact by the original layout in which the main auxiliary winch is arranged vertically at the rear end.
  • The rear end turning radius is 3.7m (0.1m shorter than the conventional model), and the body width when the crawler is reduced is 2.99m * 1. It improves workability in narrow spaces and entry into narrow spaces and can be expected to play an active role in urban civil engineering work.

3) Excellent transportability and assembly

  • In order to comply with the latest transportation regulations, we have achieved a transportation width of 2.99m by installing a small high-power engine.
  • A new crawler self-removing device has been set as an option. The crawler can be attached and detached by itself using a dedicated hanging balance, and a working radius of 4.5 m has been achieved so that the left and right crawlers can be loaded and unloaded from the trailer.
  • The counterweight self-removing device (option setting) has the same operation method as the higher-end model, and the counterweight can be attached and detached by operating the winch and undulating the self-removing arm.
  • A new parts storage area has been set up on the main body frame and crawler frame. Convenience during transportation and assembly/disassembly has been improved.
  • A new storage bracket for the counterweight mounting bolt has been set. Can be stored and transported with a counterweight.

4) High work performance

  • A new wet winch is installed as standard. Since it has a built-in forced oil-cooled wet disc brake, it exhibits stable braking force even during continuous use compared to conventional dry winches. In addition, because it is maintenance-free, running costs are reduced.
  • A large-capacity hydraulic source pump with higher pressure and flow rate than the conventional model is available as an option. By taking out this large-capacity hydraulic source, it is possible to carry out auger work with plenty of room.
  • A third winch and a chore winch are available as options.
  • By securing a lifting capacity of 3.3 tons with a working radius of 20 m, which is frequently used in crane work, and a maximum rated total load of 14 tons at the longest boom up to a radius of 6.5 m, we have achieved a high practical capacity for lifting work.
  • The shortest boom length is kept as short as 10.0m, and the boom foot part is laid out in the rear by devising the winch arrangement, demonstrating high lifting ability even in sites with height restrictions such as under the overpass. Achieved 13.7t x 7.4m with a height limit of 7m.

5) Improvement of convenience

  • Improved accessibility with consideration for safety and maintainability with consideration for regular work. We have incorporated detailed ideas born from the voices of the field, such as installing a grip that enables comfortable three-point support when getting on and off the machine, improving the steps, and installing the main greasing port in front.
  • A separate toolbox has been set. With a generous design that can store accessories, maintenance parts, and other non-standard accessories, the width has been reduced to approximately 2 m so that it can be placed horizontally on a 4-ton transport truck.
  • Equipped with a crane remote operation management system “KCROSS”.

6) Equipped with the latest exhaust gas 2014 regulation-compliant engine

  • The engine is equipped with a “urea SCR system” as an exhaust gas after-treatment device, which keeps exhaust gas clean by reducing PM (particulate matter) and NOx (nitrogen compound) emissions and complies with strict regulations. doing.
  • It is an environment-friendly crane that has cleared (pending) the standard value for low-noise construction machinery.

* 1 Overhang the crawler when working. You cannot work in the reduced crawler state.

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