Sennebogen 673R

The Sennebogen 673R telescopic crawler crane comes with a 4-section, 36 meters telescopic main boom with optional of fly jib of side stow fly jib, and fly jib extension of 15 meter (7 meters extension), having a lifting capacity of 10 ton and 4 ton respectively. The crane is also equipped with the state-of-art safe load indicator with graphic display via SENCON-Monitor. The universal crawler tracks work on a width of 4.1 meters but can be retracted to only 3.0 meters for transportation purposes, a remarkable feature of the crane. Comparing to All Terrain and Rough Terrain, the Sennebogen 673R is able to travel with a load of 90% of its lifting capacity, making lifts easier in small and constraint areas, eliminating the needs to use larger cranes to fulfill the job.

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