Kroll K-10000

Danish made Kroll K-10000 which, in standard configuration, is capable of lifting 120 tonnes (264,500 lb) at 82 m (269 ft) radius (i.e. the distance from the central supporting column). It stands 120 m (393 ft) high on a rotating cylinder just 12 m (39 ft 4 in) in diameter without any support wires but has 223 tonnes (491,630 lb) of counterweights to balance out its 84 m (275 ft) long load-carrying boom. It currently holds the Guinness World Records as the largest tower crane in the world.

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Kroll made a total of 15 units of the K-10000 from 1976 to the late 1980s, thirteen of these were made for the Soviet Union for nuclear power plant construction until the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 stopped construction completely.

Apart from one worn-out unit that was scrapped, all the other K-10000s have are used for lifting work, Sorensen says. All but the unit assembled for the Northern Alberta plant upgrade back in 2008 are working at shipyards as permanently-installed dock cranes.  Customers include Statoil in Stord, Norway, Keppel in Singapore, ABG in Mumbai, India and Iran Marine Industrial in Tehran.

The unit used for the Canadian project was built in 1983 and previously was never erected, but held in long-term storage at the Port of Copenhagen.

The structural components of the crane were blasted, inspected and repainted prior to shipment.  The crane also received a brand-new control system, with Siemens drives on the three principal travel motions of the crane for stepless speed control. Hoisting is controlled by a 140kW DC motor; slewing by four 14.6kW DC motors; hook trolleying by a 37kW AC motor. The crane also trolleys counterweight to compensate for loads, with three 8.6kW AC motors.

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