Comansa LCL280

The LCL280 luffing-jib crane has a reach of between 30 and 60 metres and is available in three versions with a maximum load of 12, 18 or 24 tonnes.

There are a wide variety of motors available for optimal performance on any project. Thus, the LCL280 can be equipped with an optional high-speed motor and a high-capacity hoist cable drum, allowing it to work at 640 metres high with a double pull line.

Like all Comansa luffing-jib cranes, this model can be assembled using the internal climbing system, taking advantage of a space in the building being built (the lift shaft, for instance) and climbing as the project is built using the COMANSA internal climbing system. This type of assembly provides savings on tower parts and allows the crane to be located in an optimal position in the middle of the work area instead of to one side.

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