Grrove GMK4080-1

The Grove GMK4080-1, a replacement for the 75-tonne capacity GMK4075-1. The GMK4080-1 will pick 6.6 tonnes with its six-section Twin-Lock Megaform boom fully extended to 51 m and set at a radius of 20 m. With a hydraulic luffing jib and 6 m extension, the maximum tip height is 75 m.

Its new successor is the GMK4080-2.

thumbnail of GMK4080-1 spec mt en v2009


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Product Description


The GMK4080-1 can be configured in ‘Taxi’ or ‘Maxi’ modes. In Taxi mode, it is below the important 12 tonnes per axle limit with 9.3 tonnes of counterweight, a 15 m hydraulic swing-away jib, 16-tonne hook block and 16.00 R25 tyres. In Maxi configuration, the capability is increased by an extra 6 m hydraulic swing-away jib insert and counterweight to a maximum of 19.3 tonnes.


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