Kato KA2200

In August 2008, Kato has started the sales of their 220-ton class all-terrain crane, KA-2200 in Japan’s domestic market. The crane is built on Kato’s proprietary 6-axles carrier which the engine has adopted an electronically controlled fuel injection system for better fuel efficiency while having a high output. Furthermore, the crane’s engine is made to fir EURO 3 European emissions standards. The crane is then equipped with their advanced “SUPERBOOM” which increase the speed of boom telescopic with a longer stroke. Using the pin lock system, the crane is also able to work in a variety of boom length as well. The KA-2200 is equipped with a 3 section super luffing jib and heavy lift jib as a standard item.

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Product Description

Technical Specifications

Main Boom:

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 220t x 3.0m
  • Boom Length: 13.6 ~ 50.0m
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 51.0m
  • Maximum Boom Derrick Angle: 83°

SL (Superlift) Jib:

  • SL Jib Offset Angle: 5° ~ 60°
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 79.0m
  • Lifting Performance: 7.0t x 30.0m (50m boom + 1.5m base bracket + 27.3m (SL 5°))

HL (Heavylift) Jib:

  • HL Jib Offset Angle: 10° ~ 60°
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 106.9m
  • Lifting Performance: 4.1t x 50.0m (50m boom + 4.4m base bracket + 54.0m (HL 10°)
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