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Liebherr LTM1040-2.1

Liebherr LTM1040-2.1 was introduced alongside with Liebherr LTM1160-5.1, 160 tonnes all terrain crane in 2006. The 40 tonne mobile crane was said to be the most powerful two-axle crane on the market which have a maximum load capacity of 40 tonnes. The 35 metres long telescopic boom is 5 metres longer than that on the LTM1030-2.1, and average load capacity is approximately 8% higher, which can be raised to as high as 25% when approaching steep boom angles.

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Product Description

The four-section telescopic boom on the LTM1040-2.1 is extended and retracted by a hydro-mechanical system. A single-stage, double acting hydraulic ram and a double rope and pulley mechanism are designed to extend the boom steplessly to the desired outreach, even with a suspended load. 9.5 metres swing away jib extension is available as an optional attachment to the boom which extends the reaching heights up to 45 metres and working radii of 39 metres. The folding fly jib can work at varies angles of 0°, 20°, 40° and 60°.

The LICCON control system on the LTM1040-2.1 includes a diagnostic system that monitors many functions, Up to four working movements can be made simultaneously, and controlled by the “load sensing” hydraulics, says Liebherr.

The turbocharged inline six-cylinder diesel engine with 205 kW (278 HP) at 2,200 min-1. The engine complies with emission limits according to 97/68/EG Stage 3 and EPA/CARB Level III. Its power is transmitted to the crane’s axle via an automatic power-shift gearbox with integral transfer box. Both axles, which are driven and can be steered, can be turned in the same direction for diagonal travel movements. An anti-lock braking system and wheel slip control are standard.

Liebherr LTM1040-2.1 Undergo New Facelift in March 2015

The new models have equipped with a new style front bumper more in line with other Liebherr all terrains, and also features the latest operator cab, with improved comfort and visibility. Disc brakes are also now a standard on the 40 tonnes all terrain, which according to Liebherr gives better braking efficiency and lower maintenance cost. The units are also equipped with the latest Mercedes stage 4 final engines and Telma retarder braking.

It also features the Variobase system which allows the outriggers to be individually deployed at varying capacities for each individual set up. UK rental company Emerson Crane Hire, has taken delivery of the first of two new 40 tonne Liebherr LTM1040-2.1 two axle all-terrain crane.



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