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Sany SAC3500

Sany SAC3500 all-terrain crane is applied with 0°~ 40°automatical infinite variable luffing jib to ensure convenient switch over between all operating conditions with high efficiency.

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

Powerful Lifting Capacity

The 350 ton all-terrain crane has six section U-shaped booms welded with bent fine-grain high-strength steel plate; the longest boom length and max.lifting height is 70m; 6m~42m boom combination, 112m max.lifting height for fixed jib; 12m~78m jib combination, 132m max.lifting height for tower jib

Efficient Hydraulic Control Technology

Self-developed dual-pump converging/diversion main valve is used. Converging flow of the single-action dual-pump ensures fast and efficient operation. Combined-action dual-pump diversion system is applied to ensure stable controllability.

The electric proportional variable displacement piston pump is used to ensure high-accurate flow control which is efficient and energy-saving.

Superlift Devices

Arranged at left and right sides of basic boom head independently and can be self-assembled and self-disassembled without any auxiliary lifting, under long boom state, deflection can be reduced by 20%-30% and the lifting capacity can be improved by above 200%.

Excellent & Stable Chassis

The use of innovative 6-axle chassis design, 6 driving modes and 4 braking modes provide more reliable travelling performance. High stability and safety are guaranteed with tipping over early-warning technology.

Intelligent Electronic Control Technology

The adoption of internationally advanced distributed integration bus data communication network and the configuration of abundant sensing elements can achieve timely feedback of data information and monitor the overall working status in real-time. The human-computer interaction interface is used to meet the customer’s individual requirements.


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