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XCMG XCA220L8_2 crane maximizes boom length, featuring an 8-section, 88-meter main boom, with a maximum lifting height of 83.4 meters and a maximum lifting capacity of 8.2 tons. It can be equipped with a 36-meter auxiliary boom, extending the total boom length to 118.1 meters. XCMG’s research and development engineers have imposed stringent requirements on this model, aiming not only for extensive reach and height but also for significant lifting capacity, thereby greatly enhancing the maximum lifting moment to 6586 kN.m.

XCMG XCA220L8_2 All Terrain Crane


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Product Description

The XCA220L8_2 is equipped with a total counterweight of 76 tons, offering 8 different counterweight combination modes for enhanced flexibility.

For short-distance relocation, it can carry 18 tons of counterweight (with a 10-ton counterweight base placed in the middle of the chassis and an 8-ton counterweight block along with four outrigger pads at the rear), without exceeding the width restrictions, facilitating standard road travel.

The crane allows for single-person installation operations via remote control, making it significantly more convenient as it can handle light tasks with just the onboard 18 tons of counterweight, eliminating the need for additional transport vehicles.

Despite providing scientific data for an 18-ton counterweight for heavy-load relocation, it has been observed that many customers overload the crane, sometimes carrying more than 25 tons of counterweight, which can pose a safety risk even with XCMG’s high safety standards. To address these concerns, the R&D engineers have developed a unique “Axle Load Monitoring Technology.

This technology enables real-time monitoring of each axle’s status and overload conditions, alerting the operator to prevent potential dangers due to axle overload. This clear visibility of overload data ensures the operator’s peace of mind and significantly contributes to safe driving practices. However, it’s still imperative to prioritize safety and avoid overloading whenever possible.



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