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Kobelco SL16000J

In 2016, Kobelco fortified its business foundation in the super large crawler crane segment by unveiling two of Japan’s leading models, surpassing the 1,000-ton lifting threshold. The first was the SL16000J, boasting a maximum lift capacity of 1,000 tons, and the second, the enhanced SL16000J-H, with an impressive lift capacity of 1,250 tons.

The SL16000J represents the pinnacle of Kobelco’s engineering prowess in the realm of super large crawler cranes. As one of Japan’s top-class models, it boasts an astounding maximum lift capacity of 1,000 tons, catering to a range of demanding lifting operations. Accompanied by its sibling model, the SL16000J-H, which further pushes the limits with a 1,250-ton lift capacity, these cranes are a testament to Kobelco’s commitment to innovation, safety, and reliability. Designed for efficiency and durability, the SL16000J series cranes are equipped with advanced technology to ensure precision in lifting and maneuvering, even under the most challenging conditions.

Kobelco SL16000J Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Key Features:

  • Varied maximum lifting capacities suitable for different types of heavy lifting tasks.
  • Extendable boom and jib lengths provide flexibility for multiple working conditions.
  • Two hoisting speeds and two raising speeds to accommodate different operational needs.
  • Compact turning and travel speeds for maneuverability and positioning.
  • High-rated line pull for powerful lifting operations.
  • Significant counterweight and lower weight for stability and balance during lifts.
  • A robust engine from Hino ensures reliable power.
  • Diverse wire rope diameters for different lifting mechanisms.

SL16000J (Standard Specification)

  • Crane with Heavy-Duty Configuration *1
    • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 1,000 tons at a 5.4-meter radius.
    • Basic Boom Length + Jib Length: 20 meters.
    • Maximum Boom Length + Jib Length: 85 meters.

Luffing Jib

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 650 tons at a 7.5-meter radius; 250 tons at a 16-meter radius.
  • Basic Boom Length + Jib Length: 30 meters + 25 meters.
  • Maximum Boom Length + Jib Length: 85 meters + 75 meters; 80 meters + 95 meters *2.

Rope Speed *3

  • Hoisting 1: 110 meters/minute to 3 meters/minute.
  • Hoisting 2: 110 meters/minute to 3 meters/minute.
  • Raising 1: 2 x 40 meters/minute to 2 x 2 meters/minute.
  • Raising 2: – ; – ; 60 meters/minute to 2 meters/minute.

Turning Speed

  • Minute-1: 0.9.

Travel Speed

  • Kilometers/Hour: 1.2.

Operating Mass

  • Tons: 827 for the crane; 745 for the heavy-duty configuration; 768 for the luffing jib.

Ground Pressure (Basic Posture)

  • kPa {kgf/cm²}: 162 {1.65} for the crane; 146 {1.49} for the heavy-duty configuration; 151 {1.54} for the luffing jib.

Rated Line Pull

  • kN {tf}: 215 {22.0}.


  • Counterweight Tons: 281 *2; 245 (with an increase to 281 tons for the heavy-duty configuration *2).
  • Lower Weight Tons: 36.


  • Model: Hino E13C-VV.
  • Output kW/min-1: 330 / 1,800.

Wire Rope

  • Hoisting 1 Diameter mm: Φ 34.
  • Hoisting 2 Diameter mm: Φ 34.
  • Raising 1 Diameter mm: Φ 32.
  • Raising 2 Diameter mm: – ; – ; Φ 34.


  • The rope speed values are for the first layer on the drum.
  • *1: Utilizes the H-boom.
  • *2: Optional feature.
  • *3: The indicated speeds are for light loads; speeds will vary depending on the load.
  • Units are in the International System of Units (SI), with conventional units in brackets.



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