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Zoomlion ZCC1500V

The Zoomlion ZCC1500V is a crawler crane with a 150-ton capacity, designed for high-performance lifting operations. Its main boom extends to 76 meters, complemented by a 30-meter jib, and achieves a maximum lifting moment of 906.5 ton-meters, making it ideal for both construction sites and wind power projects. This crane is praised for its substantial lifting ability and operational flexibility.

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.


Product Description

Technical Specifications

Superior lifting performance

  • Track gauge of 6m; rear counterweight of 51.4t + central ballast of 16t.
  • Its lifting performance is superior to other products of the same tonnage.


  • Weichai classic WP10 engine, with strong power, timely service and low cost for maintenance.
  • A dual-pump confluence of the main pump helps to improve the manoeuvrability and reliability of the hydraulic system.
  • Dual slewing reducers provide stable and powerful slewing movements.
  • Traveling motor and reducer for 200t provide strong power for traveling with no fear of bumpy roads.
  • The load moment limiter is equipped with a dual-tension sensor, which helps to improve the measurement accuracy of lifting. The risk of abnormal measurement of s single sensor can be automatically eliminated through the comparison of numerical values on the dual-tension sensor, thus improving the safety of the whole crane.
  • The ultra-wide operator’s cab of 1250mm provides a bright, comfortable and large space with broad visions.
  • The large-volume fuel oil tank (700L) reduces the times of oil refilling.
  • It adopts the layout of large-sized crawler cranes. The engine is located at the rear end of the slewing table, thus generating lower noise and less vibration to the cab and providing sufficient space for maintenance. It is safe to climb up or down because the crane is equipped with handrails on both sides,  platforms of stainless steel and guardrails.

Optimization in transport and dismantling

  • The maximum weight of the basic machine in transport is 34.2t with a width of 3.0m. There is no need to apply for over-limit permission since specifications in transport are in conformity with relevant regulations.
  • Self-mounting cylinders help to complete the assembly and dismantling of track carriers and boom sections. The whole crane can be assembled within 6 hours with the help of the mounting cylinders.
  • A single counterweight plate weighs 4.8t. The assembly can be accomplished by small auxiliary hoisting equipment.
  • There are two large tool cabinets at the central part of the central ballast, which are convenient for the storage of slings and maintenance tools.

“Intelligent” equipment management

An app on mobile phone is interconnected with the crane-mounted platform, realizing such functions as GPS positioning, monitoring of engine and lifting operation, monitoring and reminding of abnormity warning, remote diagnosis of the fault, monitoring and auto-reminding of maintenance, data inquiry of overloading and normal operation.



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