QY100K7C_1 (H) is meticulously designed by XCMG to meet the specific requirements of chemical industry and general construction in confined spaces. The crane reflects in-depth research and addresses several core needs for efficient and precise operations in these sectors.

XCMG QY100K7C_1 Hydraulic Truck Crane


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Product Description

Narrow Spaces, Large Lifting Span

Many construction sites in the chemical industry have strict requirements with limited operating space. XCMG’s designers have enhanced the QY100K7C_1 with H-leg options, featuring a double-section H-leg with a lateral span of 8.1m. The crane is built on a five-axle chassis with a full rectangular frame structure, ensuring enhanced load-bearing capacity.

The fifth axle incorporates a dedicated cylinder-controlled steering system, allowing automatic or manual switching of steering modes. This ensures agile maneuverability in low-speed travel and easy navigation in confined spaces.

It adopts a dual-cylinder pre-set counterweight displacement design, eliminating the need for manual displacement. The crane can move back by 0.5m automatically, significantly improving stability during lifting by over 15%. The counterweight displacement system is user-friendly and highly reliable.”

Convenient Mobility with Strong Carrying Capacity

The QY100K7C_1 features a front axle with 385/95R25 large tires and a rear load-bearing axle with dual tires, providing a robust load-bearing capability with a rated 60t high-load five-axle chassis. With a maximum 40t counterweight, it can carry 31t of counterweight or 27t of counterweight plus outrigger pads during transportation. It doesn’t rely on a separate trailer; it covers 90% of its working conditions with its own carried counterweight. Additionally, it allows for single-person attachment of counterweights, making the operation simple and efficient. The crane requires fewer personnel for operation, enhancing transportation convenience.”

Powerful Boom Performance with Stable Control

The QY100K7C_1 is equipped with a seven-section 76m main boom, providing a maximum lifting height of 88.5m. It excels in lifting to greater heights and longer distances. With the exclusive dual-pump confluence technology, it offers superior compound action control. The crane features various intelligent boom control technologies for safer and more efficient lifting operations, such as:

  • Winch Follow Control Technology: Automatically controls the winch during extension and retraction, saving over 40% of operation time.
  • Variable Amplitude Compensation Control Technology: Automatically adjusts the boom deformation when heavy loads are lifted from the ground, ensuring safer lifting of heavy objects like chemical tanks and industrial steel structures.


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