Zoomlion ZMC85

Zoomlion ZMC85 hydraulic truck crane was displayed in Bauma China 2014 and was one of the highlighted cranes for the manufacturer. The ZMC85 truck is the world’s first four-axle off-road truck crane. The all-new four-axle off-road chassis offers flexibility and reliability across any terrain.

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Featured with leading innovative technologies, the 85 tonnes truck crane has a 5-section U-shape boom with a maximum length of 46 metres and a bi-fold jib with a maximum length of 16 metres, having a maximum lifting height of up to 62.5 metres.

Key components of the crane have undergone thousands of testing to ensure that the parts are reliable. The operating system is equipped with visual warning devices which will aid in a more efficient and smooth operation.

In addition, the truck crane is also equipped with other features like GPS, remote monitoring and error codes diagnosis. Further enhancement was done with the safety devices, such as torque limiter and operation monitoring tool.


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