Sany STC750

China manufacturer Sany has developed the STC750, a 75 tonnes truck crane to gain the competition in 70 tonnes capacity class truck cranes.

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Language – EN (English), CH (Mandarin), JA (Japanese), DE (German)
SI Unit – Metric (Tonne), Imperial (US ton)

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Metric, EN
thumbnail of Sany STC750 Product Guide Metric
Metric, EN

Product Description

The crane has a five-section main boom with U-shaped cross-section design with a boom length of 45 metres. Using high-tensile steel plate, it provides 105% load capacity in the same tonnage from other competitors when lifting range are compared.

With Sany’s patent counterweight installation, a flexible 1.8 tonnes counterweight can be installed easily and lifting capacity of the intermediate and fully extended boom can be increased by 15 per cent with the change of its flexibility counterweight arrangement.

Other features of the crane include Sany’s developed load sensing variable displacement hydraulic system for improved working efficiency and reliability. The electronically controlled outriggers with automatic levelling and fault diagnosis warning functions, ensuring efficient and flexible operation, saving both time and effort.

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