Kato NK5000

NK5000 can be said to be one of the largest capacity truck crane made by Kato. It was once ranked the largest mobile crane in Japanese domestic before being overtaken by Tadano’s all-terrain AR5500M.

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The 6-axle truck crane is rated 500 tonnes at 3 metres radius. It has a very short 2-section base boom from 13.35 to 22.35 metres with three hydraulic derrick cylinders. The boom can be further extended with a 13.1-metre extension boom section.

The cranes have two different attachment – a 14 metres Super Top Jib that is offset-table at 8 and 30 degrees and a Heavylift Jib spanning from 18 to 72 metres in length. The Super Top Jib is rated 200 ton at 7 metres radius when offset at 8 degrees. While the Heavylift Jib can be offset from 10 to 60 degrees and has a maximum lifting height of 126 metres. The 500-ton truck crane comes with three different counterweight configuration – 185 tonnes, 130 tonnes and 75 tonnes.

NK5000’s superstructure is powered by Nissan Diesel¬†V8 water-cooled 4-cycle diesel RE804 engine while the carrier uses a Nissan Diesel V10 water-cooled 4-cycle diesel RH10 diesel engine on a Nissan Diesel KC-KL630YN chassis.


Kato has stopped the production for such large capacity hydraulic truck cranes for the market, but it is still popular among countries in Asia region.


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