Tadano GT550E-2

It can be backdated to as long as 2003 where Tadano has established a joint company, BQ-Tadano (Beijing) Crane Co., Ltd, becoming the first joint venture company to manufacture construction cranes in China.

This was one of the strategies made by Tadano in order to compete against the competitive truck cranes makers in the market without compromising on their quality. Since then, BQ-Tadano has becomes the key manufacturing and sales location in China for Tadano’s truck crane.

Although considered to be manufactured in China, Tadano has ensured that major components, such as the crane engine and hydraulic cylinders are imported from Germany and Japan while the assembly of the crane took place in Beijing, under strict supervision and quality control of engineers from Tadano Japan.

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Product Description

The carrier was manufactured by Jingcheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd with left-hand steering and 8×4 driving axles. It was fitted with a Euro 3 Daimler OM457LA.III/7 engine with a maximum output of 260 kW (354ps) at 1,900 rpm. GT550E-2 can travel at a maximum speed of 75km/h.

The 55-tonne truck crane comes with a 5-section, 42m main boom (said to be the longest in its class). Moreover, the boom has a round hexagonal box boom designed using high tensile steel to decrease the self-weight of the boom and increase the boom strength.

Moreover, the crane has two telescoping modes which one extends the 2nd section and synchronized the 3rd, 4th & 5th sections and the other mode synchronize the 3rd, 4th and 5th sections and 2nd section are operated independently. These differences in the telescoping modes allow the GT550E-2 to enhance its crane capabilities according to the lifting needs at the site.

2-Stage Bi-fold Jib

To increase the lifting height, it can also be equipped with a 2-stage bi-fold extension jib for either 8.8m or 15.2m extension. It can achieve a maximum lifting height of 57.2m with the full fix jib extension.

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Overall Length: 13,480 mm
Overall Width: 2,820 mm
Overall Height: 3,680 mm
Gross Vehicle Mass: 41,500 kg
Front: 16,800 kg
Rear: 24,700 kg

Onboard Counterweight

Like most of the Japanese truck cranes, GT550E-2 counterweight is mounted on the crane’s body and does not need to be removed while travelling on the road, hence saving time and money for additional assembly and transportation of the crane’s counterweight.

Latest AML-C Indicator

The crane has also been fitted with Tadano’s latest Automatic Moment Limiter (AML-C) which display operating conditions such as boom length, boom angle, load radius, slewing position, actual load, total rated load, outriggers position, jib length, jib offset angle and the number of part-lines. In addition, the AML-C also provides a working range limit function which crane operators can set the limits for constraint working environment.

Asymmetric Outriggers Extension Width

The GT550E-2 offers three different outriggers extensions width: fully retracted at 2.39m, intermediate extended at 4.6m and fully extended at 6.8m. With the help of the new AML-C system, even when the outriggers extension width differs between any of the four outriggers, the AML will detects such working conditions and displays the optimal value for each work area.