Liebherr LTF1035-3.1

Liebherr launched two new truck mounted models in 2006, one was the new 35-ton capacity LTF 1035-3.1 and the 45-ton capacity LTF 1045-4.1. The LTF 1035-3.1, mounted on a three-axle truck, has a superstructure developed from the two axle 35-ton capacity LTM 1030-2.1 all-terrain crane. A difference from the LTMs is that LTFs have superstructure engines.

The extra axle on the LTF 1035-3.1 allows more counterweight to be carried than on the LTMs. At 12 tonnes per axle, the LTF 1035-3.1 is able to carry 5 tonnes counterweight as opposed to 2.3 tonnes on the LTM 1030-2.1.

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