Tadano GT550E

In the previous model of Tadano’s truck crane, the carriers have been built by commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Nissan, but things took a turn when Yusoki Kogyo, the subcontractor of Tadano’s supplier Nissan, was taken over in 2004 by Fuji Heavy Industries and stopped producing crane carriers.

Hence, Tadano decided to produce their own carriers (TC-4255) for the truck cranes. The productions of the new carriers took place at their factory in Shido, Japan in January 2006 for the GT550E domestically and overseas.

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Product Description

Some of the carriers are being supplied to their joint venture company in China, BQ-Tadano (Beijing) Crane Co., Ltd for its production in China. (Note that GT550E-2 is using Jingcheng chassis)

The GT550E has a 42 metres (138 feet) boom and two-stage 14.6 metres (48 feet) jib. It is available in left-hand drive and the operator cab has joystick controls and air conditioning. Top speed is 83 km/h from the 257 kW Nissan diesel and eight-speed gearbox.

Nissan Diesel Motor Company supplies the powertrain for the Tadano’s carrier. The 8×4 carrier has a turbocharged six-cylinder Nissan PF6TB Euro 2 diesel engine with a maximum output of 257 kW at 2,100 rpm and maximum torque of 1460 Nm at 1,200 rpm.
The dry single-clutch release mechanism with the air-assisted booster. The transmission has seven forward and one reverse speed, with synchromesh on second to seventh hear and constant-mesh on first and reverse gears.
Front axles are the reverse-Elliot type with leaf spring suspension while the rear axles are a full floating type with equalizer beams and torque rods.
Main Boom
GT550E comes with a five-section hexagonal box construction shape telescoping boom with 6 sheaves at the boom head. The synchronization system consists of 2 telescopic cylinders, extension and retraction cables. When fully extended, the full boom length is 42.0m. It can be operated in 2 different boom telescoping modes.
Fixed Jib
The crane can also be equipped with a 2-staged bi-fold fixed jib at length of 9m and14.6m capable of offsetting at 5°, 25° and 45°. In addition, the crane adopts an underslung installation method which the jib is stow under the base boom section.
Overall Length: 13,480 mm
Overall Width: 2,820 mm
Overall Height: 3,680 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight: 39,800 kg
Front Axle: 15,900 kg
Rear Axle: 23,900 kg
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