Kato NK550VR

China’s First Auto Works (FAW) built the chassis and exported it to Kato’s Goka, Sashima-gu, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan factory, where Kato assembled the outriggers boxes and hydraulics, and the complete upper works were mounted.

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Technical Specifications

Max. Capacity 55t x 3.0m
Max. Lifting Height 43m (Boom), 58m (Jib)
Boom Length 11.0m – 43.0m (5 sections)
Fly Jib Length 9.2m & 15m (2 sections)
Engine FAW CA6DL2-35 Euro II (258 kW)
General Dimensions
Overall Length 13,370mm
Overall Width 2,800mm
Overall Height 3,780mm


Kiwi Import 1st NK550VR with FAW Truck –¬†New Zealand-based Auckland Construction Equipment has taken delivery of the first redesigned NK550VR in December 2007 which owner Tim Watkins has bought from New Zealand Kato dealer Titan Plant Services.


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