Hitachi TX160

The Hitachi TX160 is equipped with the robust 4-stage box-section telescopic boom, gives wide working ranges and high working stability. These features allow efficient lifting jobs in confined job sites.


  • Boom length 4.6m to 13m
  • Max. lifting capacity 8t x 2.5m
  • Max. working radius 0.9t x 13.2m

Additional Information


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Product Description

Moment Limiter

TX160 is equipped with moment limiter that automatically buzzes and stops hook hoisting, boom lowering or boom extending at the limits. The rated load, actual load, limited lifting height above ground, ground, working radius, boom length and the load ratio is indicated in 10% steps, by lamps.

Working Range Control Limiter

The boom angles (upper and lower limits), maximum working radius and maximum lifting height can be arbitrarily set. When exceeding the setting, the boom automatically stops. This helps operations in the limited working area.

Overhoist Auto-stop

The hook, when over hoisted, stops automatically with alarm to avoid line failure.

Rugged Boom construction

The telescopic boom is the box-section construction with a large sectional area and high rigidity for tough crane operation.

Ample Lift under the Ground

Ample drum winding capacity gives ample lifting under the ground. Two hoist line speeds – high and low – are selectable to suit jobs: high lifting, inching and much more.

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Max. lift underground: 26.2m
(When using optional 160m line): 36.2m


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