Liebherr LHM 420

The design of the LHM 420 has been optimised for ships in the Post-Panamax class. The Liebherr mobile harbour crane series raises and lowers loads at up to 120 metres per minute. The LHM 420 has a maximum load capacity of 124 tonnes and handles up to 38 containers per hour with its hybrid drive. The versatile crane is also suitable for the efficient handling of bulk cargoes, as well as the safe transportation of general cargoes.

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Predecessor/Successor Models

Product Description

This new heavyweight crane is the successor of the LHM 400 and bridges the gap between the LHM 550 and the LHM 280. The LHM 420 is available in two variants with maximum lifting capacities of 84 and 124 tonnes. The maximum radius is 48 metres making the LHM 420 ideal for loading and unloading from a wide variety of vessels, from Handysize to post-Panamax class. This crane is specially designed for bulk material, container movement, heavy loads and any other cargo handling tasks.

Functional Machine Design

Close attention was paid during development work to giving the machine a function-optimized structure that also interprets clearly defined brand design features. As a result, the LHM 420 sets a new standard in task-oriented design for large handling equipment, and thanks to the individuality of its brand attributes can be clearly distinguished from its competitors.
The highly successful undercarriage system still gives the most manoeuvrable mobile harbour crane in the market. The unique cruciform supporting system is unrivalled in terms of stability and operational safety. Easy adaptation to various sizes of support bases and pad sizes as well as the simple incorporation of additional axle sets for better weight distribution are further advantages. With the utilization of the tubular, lightweight tower design corner loads are reduced by 12% compared to the LHM 400.

Port management worldwide faces the difficult task to stay commercially attractive against fierce competition. Speedy and quick load handling is, therefore, a fundamental requirement. Acquiring a Liebherr mobile harbour crane constitutes a decisive step towards attaining this goal.

PACTRONIC® — Power Without Pollution

After the LHM 550, which was introduced in 2010, the LHM 420 is the second product line serially equipped with the new Pactronic® hybrid drive system.

Besides the well-known environmental advantages of hybrid drives, the benefit of the Liebherr Pactronic® increases handling performance. Hoisting power is doubled resulting in improved hoisting and lowering with up to 100% higher speeds. In terms of turnover capacity, that means a plus of 30% compared to a conventional machine with an equal power rating of the primary energy source.

Based on the reference value of annual turnover a machine equipped with Pactronic handles the same quantity of cargo in 30% less time. All running costs within the timeframe, which were gained by the quicker operation, are actual savings for the customer. Savings in energy costs, maintenance costs and labour costs are the most evident.

Another asset, which is indirectly linked to a crane’s total cost of ownership, is savings in laytime costs because docking time is reduced by 30%. As a further consequence vessels gain
time to ship their scheduled routes, resulting in lower speeds and again lower fuel consumption (slow steaming).

In addition, Pactronic® leads to a reduction of exhaust emissions (CO2) of 30%. This is quite an issue in two ways. For possible future pollution taxes, Pactronic® guarantees further economical advantages and of course, it’s an essential milestone on the way to effective and efficient, low-emission cargo handling.

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