Zoomlion ZRT600E

Zoomlion ZRT600E is a 60-tonne rated capacity rough terrain crane with a maximum boom length of 45m and a maximum jib length of 16m.


  • Four steering modes: 2-wheel steer (front wheel), 2-wheel steer (rear wheel), 4-wheel steer and Crab steer
  • Max. rated lifting capacity: 60ton at 3 m working radius
  • Max. lifting height: 61.2 Max. driving speed: 40km/h
  • Overall dimensions: 14100m×3300 mm×3890mm Deadweight: 45 tonnes
  • Ability to pick-and carry loads Rough terrain travel performance

Additional information

Max. Rated Capacity


Metric Ton

Boom Length


Max. Jib Length


*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Working performance

Max. rated lifting capacity × working


kg.m 60000×3.0
Max. load moment of main boom kN.m 2116.8
Max. load moment of main boom (fully


kN.m 1197
Max. lifting height of main boom (fully


m 45.1
Max. lifting height of jib m 61.2





Overall dimensions (L × W × H) mm 14100×3300×3890
Outrigger spread

(Height × Width)

mm 7380×7400
Main boom length mm 11600~45000
Jib length mm 9500 – 16000
Boom angle ° -2 – 80
Swing range 360° unlimited swing (Full range)



Working speeds

Max. hoist rope speed (Main winch) m/min 130
Min. boom telescoping out time s 95
Min. boom telescoping in time s 110
Min. boom derricking up time s 45
Min. boom derricking down time s 125
Swing speed r/min 0~2.2

Hydraulic system

Maximum working pressure MPa 28
Rate working flow L/min 280
Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 850

Gross vehicle mass

Gross weight kg 45000
Front weight kg 25000
Rear weight kg 20000




Max. driving speed km/h 40/37
Wheelbase mm 3950
Treads (Front / Rear) mm 2605
Max. gradeability % 75

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