Comansa 16CM220

Thanks to its two versions with maximum loads of 10 or 12 tonnes, the 16CM220 is a crane that adapts to all kinds of construction projects where medium loads need to be hoisted.

The standard hoist mechanisms of both versions feature frequency control for smooth and safe load handling at speeds that guarantee machine productivity. Moreover, the drums have a large capacity for hoist cable to adapt to projects at great heights.

The 16CM220 tower sections are panelled, so they can be dismantled into smaller parts than an assembled section, thus reducing the number of lorries or containers needed for shipping and meaning major cost savings.

Most of the jib and counter-jib sections of the 16CM220 are compatible with those used by the 16CM185 and 16CM260 models, also in the 1600 Series.

The 16CM220 crane is exclusively distributed in Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

thumbnail of 16CM220-10_spec-mt_en_vDS201809007
Metric, EN (10 ton)
thumbnail of 16CM220-10_spec_mt_en_vDS201810007
Metric, EN (10 ton)
thumbnail of 16CM220-12_spec_mt_en_vDS201809008
Metric, EN (12 ton)
thumbnail of 16CM220-12_spec_mt_en_vDS201810008
Metric, EN (12 ton)

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