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Potain MDT 189

The Potain MDT 189 is part of MDT CCS City Range cranes that have been redesigned using the latest technology and machinery to ensure better performance. This tower crane has a max lift capacity of 8 metric tons, and a maximum hook height with a horizontal jib that reaches 60 m. The height of the lattice mast reaches 74.5 m. The hoist motor at the base of the jib allows the complete cabling of the hoist and trolley mechanisms. The jib is fully assembled and cabled on the ground, fitting and pinning the jib is achieved in a few easy steps.

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

The Potain MDT 189 uses a 480 volt system that comes equipped with power limiter functionality making it possible to supply power to the winch and reduce the power required by the crane, providing flexibility on the job site and saving energy. The CCS allows more precise information exchange and analysis on the crane which maximizes lifting capacities and provides more flexibility on the job site. With the new CCS, it takes only 15 minutes to configure the crane, calibrate sensors for crane movement, set the trolley limit switch, and set jib length. The crane will then automatically know its stopping points. The Potain+ function generates an extra load chart increase that also shows maximum speed potential.

The MDT 189 comes with the Ultra View cab, which is ergonomically designed for reduced operator fatigue and increased productivity on the worksite. All commands can be done from the joysticks and a jog dial provides easy on-screen navigation. The crane is equipped with a zone/​interference control system that controls working zones and interference between cranes.

This new series of cranes now come with Manitowoc CraneSTAR which is capable of data management and planning for up-to-date crane fleet information regarding working conditions, maintenance, lifting schedules and more. CraneSTAR diagnostic allows for real-time remote crane diagnostics from any computer.



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