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Australian government backs Verton

Australia-based lifting and rotation management specialist Verton Australia said it has gained financial and strategic support from the Australian government for the development of a load orientating device for wind turbine blades.

The company won the backing of the Australian government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre to develop the technology for its Windmaster project. The aim of the project is to further develop a new lifting method for installing wind turbine blades utilising Verton’s Everest remote-controlled load-management system which is designed to eliminate the need for human held taglines to control suspended loads.

Verton has been working on the Windmaster project with wind turbine supplier Vestas, global marine contractor Van Oord, and international heavy lifting and transport specialist Mammoet.

“Drawing on the expertise of all parties, we are collaborating on the development of a Verton load orientation solution under the project name Windmaster for the accurate orientation of wind turbine blades in the difficult windy conditions in which wind turbines are naturally located so that assembly at height is achieved with accurate remote positioning of the root end of blades into the hub in an efficient and controlled movement,” said Trevor Bourne Verton managing director. “The systems envisioned to be developed will be compatible with a range of current Vestas wind turbines and installation methods, with provision for upgrades for larger systems and offshore installations. Provision will also be made for compatibility with a tower climbing crane currently under development by Mammoet to allow control by a single operator.

“This is a unique opportunity for Verton and will accelerate the acceptance of our technology in other applications such as construction and marine by showcasing the capability of the Everest system in the wind turbine environment.

“The Windmaster project will solidify Verton’s position as a global leader in the management of suspended loads and the project opens opportunities to a wide range of markets and applications. The development of this Australian technology will enable further growth for Verton and associated business partners and suppliers.”

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