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Manitowoc to showcase best-in-class cranes at Excon 2019

Increase in high-rise construction and trend for faster building times sees the growing demand for cranes with increased lifting capacities. Manitowoc to display one of the first Potain MCT 205 from its India factory in Pune, alongside one of its popular Grove GMK6300L all-terrain cranes.

Manitowoc will showcase two best-in-class cranes from Potain and Grove at booth #OD69 during Excon 2019, South Asia’s largest construction equipment and technology trade fair, which takes place December 10 – 14. Manitowoc will be sharing the booth with TIL, its dealer in India for Grove mobile and Manitowoc crawler cranes

At Excon, Manitowoc will display a Potain MCT 205 topless tower crane fresh off the production lines at its Indian factory in Pune alongside a Grove GMK6300L all-terrain crane. Both cranes offer increased lifting capacities, which is vital for Indian job sites, where high-rise construction with faster completion times is growing in popularity. 

“The Potain MCT 205 and Grove GMK6300L cranes are designed and constructed to deliver maximum productivity and performance with minimum running cost,” said Prashant Suryawanshi, managing director of Manitowoc Cranes India. “As we continue to see increases in high-rise construction and the need for faster building times across India, we expect these two cranes with increased lifting capacities to attract a lot of attention at Excon.” 

Manitowoc is now offering the Potain MCT 205 tower crane at its factory in Pune to satisfy the growing demand for this crane locally. Plus, manufacturing in Pune will also offer customers shorter lead time and quicker parts availability. 

The Potain MCT 205 has a maximum capacity of 10 t while at its 65 m jib end it can handle an impressive 1.75 t. The crane’s modern topless design makes it quick to erect and easy to transport, with the heaviest group of components weighing less than 6 t, while the full 65 m jib can be placed in a single lift or in multiple lifts depending the size of the assist crane and or the space available on the job site. 

The MCT 205 is well-established in Asia, having launched back in 2014 and has a reputation for accelerating construction schedules and working well on crowded job sites where space is limited. The MCT 205 is a tried and tested model that has seen success outside India in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and the Middle East. Previously the crane was manufactured only at the Manitowoc factory in Zhangjiagang, China. 

The GMK6300L is among the best-selling six-axle all-terrain cranes of all time, with one of the best-in-class boom lengths and excellent lifting capacity, and over 200 cranes sold within the first few years of its launch. 

The 300 t capacity Grove GMK6300L all-terrain crane is one of Manitowoc’s biggest success stories. It features an 80m main boom and independent all-wheel steering, while its cab is considered to be the most comfortable and advanced in the industry. 

Besides offering exceptional reach, the crane is also relatively compact and offers excellent on-site flexibility with a choice of five available outrigger positions, more than any other crane in this capacity class. It also features Grove’s unique MEGATRAK independent suspension, as well as an all-wheel steer for easier navigation of job sites. 

“We picked these two best-in-class cranes to showcase at Excon because their features are ideal for India’s infrastructure revolution,” Suryawanshi said. “We look forward to meeting with existing and new customers and sharing solutions that will improve their business and ROI.” 

India’s construction industry is expected to grow at an average rate of 6.4% between 2019 and 2023, driven by government efforts to develop the country’s infrastructure and improve the housing sector, according to Global Data, a market intelligence firm based in London, UK. 

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