Sany SAC1500S

Sany SAC1500S is a 150-tonne rated capacity all-terrain crane manufactured in China.

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Sany SAC1500S Specifications & Information


  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 150t
  • The length of Full Extend Boom + Jib: 92.5m
  • Rated power:360kW/1800rpm
  • Full Extension/retraction Time of Boom: 550s/500s

Excellent Lifting Performance

7-section telescoping boom with single cylinder pin. The total boom length is 63m, and jib length is 33.5m; Maximum lifting height is 92.5m and maximum working radius is 70m, ensuring a wider working range; Maximum lifting torque of basic boom is 4547kN.m, featuring superior lifting and loading performance.

Energy-Saving Hydraulic System

With dual pump converging / diverging intelligent speed regulation technology, the dual pump supplies oil independently for compound movements, which ensures the stability and reliability of the movements with better micro-mobility.
The various diverging distribution mode makes work freer and easier.


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