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Sany SAC3000T8

The Sany SAC3000T8 mobile crane represents a blend of agility and power, purpose-built for operations in bustling urban environments where space constraints are often a challenge. This 300-ton capacity crane is equipped with a multi-sectional boom that reaches up to 87 meters, complemented by a 50-meter jib, offering extensive reach for a variety of construction tasks.

Sany SAC3000T8 All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Key characteristics of the SAC3000T8 include:

  • Lifting Capability: It has an imposing lifting capacity of 300 tons, allowing it to tackle substantial loads typical of large-scale construction sites.
  • Boom and Jib Length: The main boom’s length of 87 meters, paired with the jib extension of 50 meters, gives this crane the ability to work at considerable heights and distances, expanding its utility in the erection of tall structures and placement of heavy objects in confined spaces.
  • Control and Precision: With a 113-meter maximum hook height and a maximum load radius of 130 meters, the SAC3000T8 offers precise load handling and placement, which is crucial in congested urban areas or complex construction sites.
  • Drive and Maneuverability: The SAC3000T8 boasts a strong yet versatile drive system, capable of speeds up to 40 km/h, ensuring efficient transitions between work areas. Despite its impressive size, the crane maintains a relatively small turning radius of 0.5 meters, enhancing its maneuverability on tight job sites.
  • Engineering and Design: The crane’s design includes robust construction, advanced hydraulics, and intuitive control systems, ensuring both performance and safety during operation.
  • Transport and Setup: The SAC3000T8 is designed for ease of transport and rapid setup, a critical feature for mobile cranes that need to be moved between multiple sites efficiently.

Reflecting Sany’s commitment to quality, the SAC3000T8 is a mobile crane that is as powerful as it is nimble, making it a valuable tool for projects that require both substantial lifting capacity and precise load placement within urban landscapes. Its capabilities and design embody the philosophy that quality machinery facilitates progress and changes the world, as evidenced in the demanding environments of modern construction.



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