Tadano ATF65G-4

In 2005, Tadano has announced the new 65 ton all terrain crane, ATF65G-4, to replace its predecessor model, ATF60-4. Although the 60 ton all terrain has been the best-selling all-terrain crane under Tadano’s belt, the new 65 ton proved to be a stronger model with ultra-light, ultra-strong boom system and better off-road capability.

The ATF65G-4 is the third all terrain in Tadano’s Global series, after the ATF110G-5 and ATF160G-5. The G series machines were specifically manufactured by Tadano, in order to meet the requirements and regulations for different countries.

The 65 ton all terrain was officially unveiled to the public at 2005 SAIE fair in Bologne, Italy in October. However, the European distributors were given a special preview at a summer meeting the same year at the Faun factory in Lauf, Germany.


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Predecessor/Successor Models

Product Description

Technical Specifications

Mercedes-Benz Engines for Carrier & SuperstructureTadano has stuck to their belief in two engines cranes and so does this 65 ton all terrain offers as well. The carrier comes with a 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA, Euromot 3a (EPA ) diesel engine with a rated output of 290 kW (394 HP) at 1,800 rpm. The superstructure is fixed with a 4-cylinder OM 904 LA, also Euromot 3a (EPA 3) diesel engine with a rated output of 90 kW (122 HP) at 2,200 rpm. Maximum Lifting Height of 61 Metres

ATF65G-5 comes with a stronger boom which reaches 44m. It has a 2-stage bi-fold jib extension at 9m and 16m respectively and gives a maximum lifting height of 61m.

“Taxi” Crane Configuration

As like ATF60-4, the ATF65G-4 also meets the criteria to work as a versatile “taxi” crane. With a 12.5 ton of counterweight, bi-fold jib, 16.00R25 tires, 32-tonne hook block a 6-tonne on ball hook, it can still meet the requirement of a maximum 12 ton per axle load, complying to the stringent road regulations in most European countries. In addition, it can also be equipped with an optional 2.5 ton for a better lifting chart.

Impressive Off-road Capability
The 65 ton all terrain is designed to tackle gradients of 65% and with Faun all-wheel steering system, the fourth axle can be electronically steered up to speeds of 25km/h, providing a minimal turning radius for tight corners. The crane comes with an optional 8×8 driver/steer.

Lift AdjusterThe crane can be retrofitted with the Lift Adjuster load sway reduction system, improving the movement of the load while being hoist, increasing safety and reducing the time for hoisting operations.

Overall Length: 12,385 mm
Overall Width: 2,550 mm (14.00 R25), 2,660 mm (16.00 R25), 2,820 mm (20.5R25)
Overall Height: 3,789 mm (+/- 100 mm)
Gross Vehicle Weight: 48,000 kg

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