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Terex Challenger 3180

Terex has unveiled the new Challenger 3180, a 3-axle all-terrain crane with 60 tonnes capacity class at the 2011 Vertikal Days plant show at Haydock Park. The crane is designed for one-man operation. The new machine also represents a new approach by Terex for the naming of the crane models, based on load moment rating rather than maximum safe working load.

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Product Description

Across the industry, the model’s names of mobile cranes have for decades indicated their maximum rated capacity, such as AC60 for 60 tonnes capacity class – which Challenger 3180 replaces in Terex’s product line up.

Challenger 3180 has a maximum lifting capacity of 37.9 tonnes at 4 metres radius. The 60-tonne all terrain crane has been designed to be fully self-contained, without the need for any support vehicles. This is to meet markets like the UK where axle loads of up to 15 tonnes per axles are permitted. It is able to travel on the road legally with the 50-metre single cylinder telescopic boom, 16 metres jib extension and a full 12.1 tonnes counterweight.

For markets where axles loads are restricted, Terex developed the Challenger 3160. It is the same crane but with lighter boom and also reduced lifting capacity as well.


First Delivery Of Challenger 3180 In Italy And UK

UK-based crane rental company, NMT has taken delivery of the first Challenger 3180 in the UK in 2012. The crane has been fitted with outrigger base monitoring, display on the LMI system, allowing surveillance of each outrigger beam for visual comparison with the programmed outrigger values. The crane has also been fitted with an outrigger load monitoring system, another option selected by NMT, which the system provides constant input for the load on each outrigger jack to inform the crane operator of ground pressure whilst the crane is in use. A radio remote control has been included as well.

In the same year, Genoa-based lifting and transport company Vernazza Autogru S.r.l has also acquired the first Challenger 3180 in Italy – together with Challenger 3160. The owners have given the Challengers unique body paintwork with Challenger 3160 to resemble a zebra and Challenger 3180 like a tiger.

Apart from the visual effect that highlights the design of the crane, Vernazza Autogru also uses it as a distinctive added value from a marketing standpoint because it gives the crane rental company brand recognition.



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