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Zoomlion ZAT8000H763

The Zoomlion ZAT800H763 All Terrain Crane is a highly versatile crane has been engineered for superior lifting performance, boasting a significant main boom length that ranges from 17.8 meters to 92 meters. The wind plant jib extends from 7 to 33 meters, enhancing the crane’s reach and flexibility in various working environments. Notably, the crane has a maximum lifting moment of 21168 kN-m, a critical specification for determining its maximum load capacity at a given radius.

This all-terrain crane exemplifies high work efficiency through its innovative design features. It includes a multiple main boom telescopic combination, which allows for an optimized single cylinder latch type telescopic boom path. This innovation is paired with an automatic selection of the optimal expansion sequence, ensuring rapid and efficient boom extension and retraction. The optimized boom and jib lengths are capable of executing tasks with less wind power consumption, which is especially beneficial during the assembly and disassembly of wind turbines.

Zoomlion ZAT8000H753 All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The ZAT800H763 stands out with its safe and strong driving performance. It is equipped with an upgraded 8-axle all-terrain chassis and a Mercedes OM502 series 480KW engine, coupled with a ZF12-speed transmission and Kessler axle and transfer box, ensuring that power transmission is perfectly matched. The crane is fitted with 445 large tires, supporting strong load capacity and exceptional performance on a variety of terrains.

Moreover, the crane offers four axle mechanical drive + one axle hydraulic drive, providing robust power and superior climbing abilities. It also features multiple driving modes for adaptability to different operational needs, such as high-speed driving, roadway driving with a half-extended boom, and driving with a fully extended boom.

Key Features:

  • Main boom length: 17.8 – 92 m
  • Wind plant jib length: 7 – 33 m
  • Maximum lifting moment: 21168 kN-m
  • Automatic selection of the optimal telescopic sequence
  • Mercedes OM502 series 480KW engine
  • ZF12-speed transmission with Kessler axle and transfer box
  • 445 large tires for strong load capacity
  • Four axle mechanical drive + one axle hydraulic drive
  • Multiple driving modes for varying conditions

These features make the Zoomlion ZAT800H763 a powerful and adaptable crane suitable for a variety of lifting tasks in diverse environments.

Zoomlion ZAT8000H763 All Terrain Crane



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