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Zoomlion ZAT9000V863

The Zoomlion ZAT9000V863 is an epitome of engineering innovation, designed to tackle the most demanding lifting tasks with remarkable efficiency and precision. This mobile crane boasts a staggering 102-meter main boom, complemented by a variety of jib combinations that can reach up to 93 meters, making it an ideal choice for high-rise construction projects.

The crane’s lifting prowess is highlighted by its strong load capacities, ranging from 204 tons at a 10-meter radius to 1.7 tons at a 92-meter radius, ensuring it can handle a diverse array of weights with stability and control. With the addition of the superlift counterweight, operators can further enhance the crane’s performance, pushing its lifting capabilities to even greater heights.

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Product Description

Engineered for versatility, the ZAT9000V863 features flexible boom configurations, capable of achieving a maximum lifting height of 163 meters when equipped with a superlift, a notable achievement in the crane industry. This versatility is complemented by an 8-speed transmission that allows for a maximum speed of 80 km/h, ensuring quick and efficient transport to and from job sites.

Moreover, the crane’s advanced movement control systems provide an exceptional level of precision and adaptability. It features a surprisingly compact turning diameter of 22 meters and a minimum turning radius of just 4.5 meters, thanks to its adaptive steering and traction control, paired with innovative suspension technology. This allows the crane to navigate tight spaces and challenging terrain with ease, making it a highly reliable tool in complex construction environments.

In essence, the Zoomlion ZAT9000V863 is not just a crane but a testament to Zoomlion’s commitment to advancing construction technology, offering unparalleled performance that ensures it stands as a trustworthy choice for modern lifting needs.

Super Lifting Performance

  • 102m main boom
  • Multiple jib combinations: 69m/62m/93m
  • Superlift counterweight radius: 26.9-8.1m
  • Free fall function on main and auxiliary winch

Powerful Lifting Capacity

  • Example loads: 204t@10m, 108t@20m; 1.7t@92m
  • Long boom performance: 120m-80t, 110m-85t, 100m-102t; 65t@130m; 55t@140m; with superlift: 30t@140m, fly jib can be configured to 95m length with 7m fixed jib

Flexible and Efficient Operations

  • Multiple boom configurations to meet different operational needs
  • Maximum lifting height of 163m with superlift, dominating the industry

Advanced Movement Control

  • 8-speed transmission, max speed 80km/h
  • Turning diameter only 22m, adaptive steering and traction control
  • Innovative suspension technology, single-cylinder balance, intelligent road condition adaptation
  • Minimum turning radius is just 4.5m



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