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Kobelco 7120G-2A

The Kobelco 7120G-2A has a maximum lifting capacity is rated at 120 tons with a 5.0 meter radius. The boom length varies from 15.2 to 61.0 meters, and can be extended to 79.2 meters with a long boom configuration. The jib length for this crane ranges between 12.2 and 30.5 meters. In comparison, the Luffing Tower’s maximum lifting capacity is 20 tons at a 15.0 meter radius, with a boom length stretching from 30.4 to 51.7 meters and a jib length of 22.9 to 44.2 meters. The maximum combined length of the boom and jib for the Crawler Crane is 91.5 meters, while for the Luffing Tower, it totals 96.9 meters.

Kobelco 7120G-2A Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Rope speed varies across different operations. For hoisting and lowering, the main and auxiliary hoists on the Crawler Crane operate at speeds ranging from 120 to 3 m/min, similar to the auxiliary hoist on the Luffing Tower, which does not feature a main hoist. The tower jib luffing for the Luffing Tower operates at speeds between 60 to 3 m/min, and boom luffing speeds for the Crawler Crane are set at 48 to 2 m/min. Additionally, the optional third drum provides hoisting and lowering speeds of 110 to 3 m/min.

The machinery features a swing speed of 2.1 rpm and offers travel speeds of 1.3/0.9 km/h. Operating weights stand at 123 tons for the Crawler Crane and 133 tons for the Luffing Tower, with ground pressures measured at 96 kPa (0.98 kgf/cm^2) and 104 kPa (1.06 kgf/cm^2) respectively. The gradeability of the Crawler Crane is noted at 30% (16.7 degrees). Both models are equipped with an ISUZU 6UZ1 engine, boasting a rated output of 270 kW at 2,000 rpm. Wire ropes are specified at Φ 26 mm for the main and auxiliary hoists, and Φ 20 mm for the boom.

Important notes include that the third drum is an optional feature, and the rope speeds mentioned are for the first drum layer. Speeds marked with an asterisk are applicable under light loads, with variations occurring based on the load. Units of measurement follow the International System of Units (SI), with traditional units provided in parentheses. The actual operating rotation speed in power mode is 1,850 rpm.



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