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Kobelco 7120GFS-2A

The Kobelco 7120G-2A crawler crane boasts a maximum rated total load of 120 tons at a 5.0-meter radius, with a boom length that extends from 15.2 to 61.0 meters. Rope speeds for the main, auxiliary, and third drums are adjustable from 110 to 3 meters per minute, and the boom luffing speed ranges from 48 to 3 meters per minute. The crane can swing at a rate of 2.1 revolutions per minute (rpm) and travel at speeds of 1.3 or 0.9 kilometers per hour. The operating weight, including the basic boom plus a 120-ton hook, is approximately 141 tons, with an average ground pressure of 110 kPa (1.12 kgf/cm²). It is capable of climbing gradients of up to 30% (16.7 degrees).

Kobelco 7120G-2A Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The engine powering this model is an ISUZU 6UZ1, which delivers a rated output of 270 kW at 2,000 rpm. For wire ropes, the main and auxiliary drums use a diameter of 30 mm, while the boom and third drum ropes are 20 mm and 26 mm in diameter, respectively. Notably, the third drum is an optional feature, and the listed rope speeds are for the first layer of the drum. Speeds marked with an asterisk are for light loads and may vary with the load. All units are given in the International System of Units (SI), with traditional units provided in parentheses. The actual rotation speed used in power mode is 1,850 rpm, ensuring efficient operation under various conditions.



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