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Kobelco SL16000J-H

The SL16000J-H is an extraordinary piece of machinery in Kobelco’s lineup of super large crawler cranes, setting a new benchmark with its impressive 1,250-ton maximum lift capacity. This crane is designed to tackle the most formidable lifting tasks with ease and precision. It integrates cutting-edge technologies with Kobelco’s extensive expertise in crane construction to offer unparalleled performance.

Engineered for immense strength and stability, the SL16000J-H is equipped with a robust Hino E13C-VV engine that provides a substantial power output of 330 kW at 1,800 rpm. This ensures the crane operates efficiently under heavy loads and demanding conditions. Its advanced hoisting system is capable of handling immense weights with a dual-speed mechanism that allows for fine-tuned control over the lifting process.

The crane features a variable-length boom and jib combination that can extend up to an extraordinary 175 meters, offering exceptional reach and versatility on the job site. The SL16000J-H’s sophisticated counterweight system, which can be optionally increased to 281 tons, ensures optimal balance and stability during complex lifts.

Kobelco SL16000J-H Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Key Features of the SL16000J-H:

  • A staggering maximum lifting capacity of 1,250 tons for heavy-duty operations.
  • High-powered and efficient Hino E13C-VV engine.
  • A vast range of boom and jib configurations for increased flexibility.
  • Dual-speed hoisting and raising systems for meticulous load control.
  • Extensive counterweight options for enhanced safety and stability.
  • State-of-the-art design and construction reflecting Kobelco’s commitment to innovation.

The SL16000J-H stands as a testament to Kobelco’s leadership in the crane industry, offering clients a reliable and formidable crane that can meet the needs of the most challenging projects.



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