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Kobelco SL6000J-2

The SL6000J-2 stands out as a powerhouse in Kobelco’s range of crawler cranes, engineered to tackle the most demanding lifting operations. It features multiple configurations to address the intricate requirements of construction and mega-infrastructure ventures.

Kobelco SL6000J-2 Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Key Features:

  • Standard Configuration: A maximum lifting capacity of 500 tons at a 6.2-meter radius, and a long boom option that extends up to 108 meters.
  • Heavy Lift Configuration: This setup enables lifting of up to 370 tons at an 8.3-meter radius, with the same impressive boom reach as the standard configuration.
  • Super Heavy Lift: Elevating the potential, this variant can hoist an incredible 500 tons at an 8.3-meter radius and utilizes a super long boom of up to 126 meters, or a maximum boom plus jib length of 84 meters plus 84 meters.

Whether it’s for standard lifting or super heavy-duty tasks, the SL6000J-2 demonstrates unmatched capabilities in the crawler crane market. Its advanced configurations and substantial lift capacities ensure that it can be relied upon for the most challenging construction projects.



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