Liebherr LR1350/1

The LR 1350/1 crawler crane features the very latest drive and control technology, lightweight, boom Systems with a high load capacity which are designed for easy transport and a low-cost set-up and transport logistics system. The LR 1350/1 with a derrick boom and suspended ballast or a ballast trailer has a significantly higher load capacity.

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Liebherr LR1350/1 Specifications & Information

The crawler crane LR 1350/1 features state-of-the-art drive and control technology, light in weight boom systems with high lifting capacities, cost-effective upgrading and transport logistics and is perfectly adapted for easy transport. The operational spectrum is characterized by 120 m hook height with the main boom, 150 m working height with jib and up to 104 m overall reach. A significant increase in lifting capacity is realised for the 350-t machine through Derrick boom and ballast trailer.

With the extremely compact dimensions of the basic unit and a minimum transport weight of 40 t without winches the basic machine can move anywhere in the world without restrictions and can be self-erected using optimum accessories.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data Metric Imperial
Max. load capacity 350 t 661,000 lbs
at radius 6.00 m 16 ft
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight from 18 m 59 ft
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 120 m 390 ft
Max. load torque 4,272 tm 31,508,600 lbs-ft
Lattice jib from 24.0 m 79 ft
Lattice jib up to 90.0 m 292 ft
Derrick boom from 27 m 89 ft
Central ballast 38 t 84,000 lbs
Counterweight at superstructure 125 t 276,000 lbs
Derrick ballast 210 t 463,000 lbs
Engine power 270 kW 367 hp
Driving speed 1.63 km/h 1.03 mph
Total ballast 373.00 t 822,300 lbs


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