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Zoomlion ZTC1100V763-2

The Zoomlion ZTC1100V763-2 crane is a powerful and versatile mobile crane designed to deliver superior performance in a range of lifting operations. With a remarkable maximum lifting height of 76 meters, this crane stands out in the industry for its ability to accommodate various construction conditions with ease. Its robust torque of 4292kN.m and a substantial counterweight of 8.8 tons underscore a formidable lifting capacity that ensures tasks are completed efficiently and safely.

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Product Description

The crane is built to traverse challenging terrains, thanks to its 3.0-meter width and a robust 385 rear axle, boasting a Grade G road ability. Its 12-speed gearbox enables a maximum speed of 30km/h, combining power with efficiency to optimize job site productivity.

In terms of operation, the ZTC1100V763-2 excels with a 42-meter boom length and a boom width of 550mm, constructed from ultra-high-strength steel. This assures longevity and endurance, with a design that maintains optimal rigidity and toughness to prevent deformation over time, reinforcing operational safety.

Furthermore, the crane is equipped with a 10.4L large-displacement engine that pairs with a high-pressure common rail system, offering immediate power delivery. The 4.0A large flow hydraulic system contributes to faster actions and higher work efficiency while being more fuel-efficient, promoting environmental stewardship and cost savings.

The Zoomlion ZTC1100V763-2 crane is emblematic of engineering excellence, reflecting the company’s commitment to leading technology and exceptional performance standards in heavy-duty machinery.



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