Liebherr LHM 400

Launched in 1996, the LHM 400 has a maximum lifting capacity of 104 tonnes and a maximum outreach of 48 metres. It is intended as a general purpose crane good for general cargo, containers, heavy lifts or any kind of bulk material. Just three units were delivered in its first year, but since then production volume has gathered pace and in 2002 the LHM400 become the bestseller within Liebherr’s range of eight mobile harbour cranes. In the subsequent three years, an average of over 25 have been delivered each year.

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The operator’s cabin is at 23 metres above ground level, designed to give the operator a full view of his work area even when containers are stacked 7 levels high.

The outrigger base is 12 x 12 metres while the overall length of the undercarriage is just over 23 metres. The LHM 400 has 16 hydraulic axles, similar to the axles of hydraulic platform transporters, of which 6 axles are driven.

The total weight of the crane in operation is 390 tonnes.

The 200th crane was delivered to Patrick Stevedoring’s Port Kembla site, 80 kilometres south of Sydney. The crane’s principal work will involve handling cargo from one of the port’s key clients – Bluescope Steel. The Liebherr’s capacity will allow the consistent double lifting of steel coils and slabs weighing 54 tonnes greatly increasing productivity.

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