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Fuwa FWT55

The Fuwa FWT55 is a telescopic crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 55 tons. It is equipped with a main boom that can extend from 10.8 to 38 meters and a 7-meter jib. The total length of the boom plus jib can reach 45 meters, offering considerable reach for various lifting tasks. The boom’s angle ranges from -2 to 80 degrees, providing flexibility in lifting operations. For hoisting, it has a rope speed of up to 120 meters per minute, which contributes to efficient load handling.


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Product Description

The slewing device of the crane allows for a full 360-degree rotation at a speed of 0 to 1.71 rpm, enhancing its capability to position loads accurately. The cabin is fully enclosed and elevated 1.7 meters from the ground, offering the operator a clear and expansive view, which is enhanced by a 20% increase in cabin space. Comfort and functionality are further augmented by air conditioning, a heater, rearview mirror, windshield wipers, stereo, and colorful electronic monitor.

For stability and ease of movement, the undercarriage includes a structural steel plate welded lower frame and track rollers with bushings and seals. The track shoe width is 800mm, ensuring good traction and stability on a variety of surfaces. The crane can travel at speeds ranging from 0 to 1.3 km/h and can climb gradients up to 30%.

The Fuwa FWT55 has a hydraulic system designed with Rexroth pumps and motors, featuring load-sensing control and a variable displacement pump. The counterbalance valve and load-compensation system in the hydraulic circuit ensure smooth luffing motion. The crane’s counterweight is 15.6 tons, contributing to its stable lifting operations.

An electronic monitoring system constantly oversees the motions of the main and auxiliary winches. The crane’s dimensions are 13020 x 3200 x 3290 mm, and it exerts a ground pressure of 0.7 kg/cm².

This crane is designed to be robust yet compact for its class, with thoughtful design elements that enhance its operational efficiency and safety. It’s a suitable choice for various construction and infrastructure projects where precision and flexibility in lifting are required.



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