Kitagawa JCL1000NK

Kitagawa set new standards in its domestic market with the introduction of JCL1000NK in 2018. Thanks to its MS25 tower system, combined with the standard M23 system, which both has the same dimensions of 2.05m x 2.05m. This allows a free-standing height of 56m to be achieved. The tower crane is compact with a tail radius of only 6.7m and a lifting capacity of 33 tons. The tipping load is 16 tonnes at 45m jib.

The JCL1000NK inherits the popular NK series concepts of “simple,” “lightweight,” and “compact,” and achieves reduced running costs such as transportation and assembly costs, as well as a reduced reaction force. It is one of the largest 1000tm models in Japan that meets the demand for shortening the construction period of buildings.

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Product Description

For the ease of dismantling, the roof-mounted recovery derrick all components of the upper crane can be disassembled into pieces to a weight of a maximum of 10 tonnes. It is typical for Japanese tower cranes manufacturers to design a rigid tower system that requires no counterweight.

The standard 145 kW hoisting winch allows a hoisting speed of 102 m/min.

Also, the Japanese have reduced the erection weight with the climbing frame of the Kitagawa JCL1000NK can be split into two – with the upper weighing 8.8 tonnes and the lower weighing 6.7 tonnes.


  • Maximum self-supporting height: 49.2m
  • Swivel frame with small size and small reaction force Rear radius “6.7m”, front radius “3.9m”
  • Since it is easy to assemble on-site, it can be assembled and disassembled quickly. There are 3 types of assembly bolts in all! There are few assembly pieces
  • A total of 20 trucks and trailers can be transported (only 2 low-floor and 1 high-floor trailer), (45m jib, 46m mast, with telescopic stand)
  • LCD TV, new moment limiter display with deceleration position of the hook, the stop position, the maximum arbitrarily settable the lift changeable acceleration and deceleration time of the inverter average wind speed, peak, displays real-time more finely settable working range limiting working radius With correction function (ON, OFF can be selected)

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